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Modernise Your Peugeot
Peugeot fitted either Stronglight 49D or Specialites TA Pro Vis 5 (also known as "Cyclotouriste") cross over tandem chainsets. These are now VERY sought after and sell for about £100 (GBP). The original gearing was somewhat high, so if you are going touring and plan on scaling any major hills, the chainwheels can be changed (at a cost!) for smaller ones than the original 52/42T. The photo is of a Stronglight set. The TA is the one fitted on the tandem in the banner photo.Later bikes were fitted with the Stronglight 99. These have standard threads for the crank extractor, but still have French threaded pedals, until about 1982 when Peugeot switched to standard English threading on all of their bikes.
If you want to replace the pedals with modern ones - Beware! Both types of chainset are threaded for French pedals, which are not easy to find. This is not a big problem as the French pedal thread is very close to English threading and the cranks can be easily retapped to English threads by any competent bike shop. Alternatively you can send them to me and I will do the job for a reasonable price (see Services)

What to Do

Unless you have a very late bike, you will need a special Crank Extractor tool to remove your cranks. This a different size to the modern ones. Currently you can buy the "VAR TA Crank Extractor" from Spa Cycles of Harrogate. The Stronglight  49D also needs a special crank extractor, which is only very slighty different to the TA one. This can also be had from Spa Cycles .
The chain rings have a BCD (bolt circle diameter) which is different to modern chainsets. Replacement chain rings for the TA "Cyclotouriste" chainset are still available in a wide variety of sizes from Specialities TA via Spa Cycles in Harrogate UK. The good news is that they also fit the Stronglight 49D cranks but only if you replace both chain rings of the double chainset (RH rear). New chainrings for the later Stronglight 99 are getting scarce now.

Velo Orange  and SunXCD are now manufacturing  close copies of the Cyclotouriste chainset, but remember that only the rear RH crank is standard on a tandem crossover drive, as the pedal threads are different for RH and LH pedals, but you can use this to replace the right hand rear chainset. These are available from our shop


Upgrading to triple chainset

This is possible with the TA Cyclotouriste and you can retain your existing inner and outer chain rings if you like, but you will need to buy an additional inner chain ring PLUS a set of nuts, spacers, washers and bolts for a triple. The bolts are expensive - approx £30 GBP at time of writing. For Stronglight 49D you will need to buy all 3 chainrings plus the triple bolt set. You will also need a longer rear BB spindle. I used 132mm which works fine but is maybe just a little too long. I have fitted 46/36/26 with an 11-32T cassette, which gives me a gearing from 22" to 113" which should be adequate :-)