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When was it Made?
The familiar 70s/80s Peugeot "Grande Tourisme" tandem shown in the banner photos is the TH8, the "Ladyback" was designeated the TM88. The H was for "Hommes" and the M was for "Mixte". according to the catalogues I have seen they were listed between 1979 and 1986. But you may know different - if so please let me know. . The SWB models are only listed in later (1984+) catalogues, but there is at least one eraly SWB model shown in the gallery of this website, so. if you have a brochure with that model shown, I would be grateful for a scan of it.There is more info on but this is not tandem specific and focuses mainly on the lightweights.
Dating from Components

If you have the original components, then there is a date code on the Atom hub brake, consisting of two number separated by a dash e.g. 7-9 would mean July 1979. .
The Simplex derailleurs also have a date code stamped on the m. In the case of the rear derailleur it is on the back of the cage. The part may have been in stock for several months before the bike was built, but that but it means that the bike was built a short while after that date. The original Rigida Chrolux rims have a date code stamped inside a diamond, next to the rim data.

Dating from Frame Decals

As far as I can tell the decal scheme with the golden lion and the chequerboard flashed was current up to around 1983. The orange and yellow flashes came in from 1984 onward, but looking at the catalogues there was some overlap between the 2 schemes.

Frame Numbers

I do not have enough frame numbers to create a relaible database yet, so if you know the date of your tandem for sure, e.g. you have the original Bill of Sale or the dates stamped on your original components tally and you can let me know the frame number (under the bottom bracket) and the year of manufacture,we can at least make a start.
Our two 1980 models (as verified by 1979 components) have serial numbers: 801 0001541 and 801 0001652, so they were made pretty close together.
For tandems built after 1980 the serial numbering system seems to have changed to 1 or 2 letters followed by 5 or 6 digits . The first 1 or 2 digits are the year code. So far we have HH 86 - - - - - - for 1986 and E2- - - - for 1982. Please note I do not have enough data to verify this yet. Please keep sending me serial number/dating info. The factories changed during the 80s so it is possible/likely that different numbering schemes were used at different factories.

Frame Numbers Database

Model TypeFrame No.Est. ageCountry Decal Scheme Component dates
TH8801 00015411980


1979-1982 1979
TH8801 0001652 1980 GB1979-1982 1979



1981 GB 1979-1982  1981 
SWBHH 869990 1986-1990 GB 1984-1990 Unknown
TM801 00004361978 Fr1976-1978 1978
SWBE 26940 1982 GB1979-1982 TBA