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Modernise Your Peugeot
These are the most frequent questions that Peugeot Tandem owners ask me...

A: Many of the "consumable" parts that need regular replacement: Tyres & tubes, brake blocks, brake and gear cables, saddles, bottle dynamo, light bulbs, chain, freewheel, derailleur, chain rings, saddles, pedals are readily available at your local bike shop.

A: Many owners want to upgrade the gears to modern indexed units. This is possible without too much difficulty. However, it is not a bolt on replacement and there is a page detailing this. Owners often want to upgrade the cantilever brakes to modern Vee brakes. Again this is possible, but with some complications. The original stainless steel mudguards can be replaced with modern chromoplastic items, but if you want to retain the original mudguard mounted dynamo lights, then some modifications are required.

A: The rear hub/brake unit, Bottom brackets and Headsets are all very problematical and repair or replacement should not be attempted without reading the advice on this site.

A: If you have a Peugeot Tandem with missing or broken parts look at the Specifications page on this site, which will tell you what you need to buy, whether it is readily availble and where you can get it.

A: The Peugeot Tandem was made for a long while in the late 70s and early 80s, so some changes in specification over the production run is inevitable. If your bike is different and you think it is original please let me know! If your bike has already been upgraded, modified or bodged and it has been successful, let me know as I am always open to learning new ways of skinning a cat!

A:If you have any servicable second hand parts that you are replacing and would like to offer them to other owners, let me know and I'll publish thedetails on this page and on other tandem and cycling forums.