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Some Photos from Peugeot Tandem Fans

Lily in North Wales July 2013
Lily's First Ride
Gerty's First Ride Out
A trip to the lakes for Craig's peugeot tandem, Gerty on her first trip out after we restored her. Craig has added the lovely leather panniers and tool roll. Doesn't she look gorgeous?
 Pip & Pippa Complete 10 day tour of Holland
Here are Pip & Pippa just completing their 10 day tour of Holland, just after the restoration of their Peugeot Tandem "Speedwell" in August 2012.
Glyn Jones' Peugeot  tandem in 1980
Don't let anyone tell you that the Peugeot Tandem isn't a serious touring machine. Glyn did John O'Groats to Lands End back in 1980!
 Glyn Jones' Peugeot tandem in 2012
Here is Lily after full restoration in 2012. Now with triple chainset, new wheels and tyres, mudguards, saddle, handlebars, pedals and derailleurs. She now has flat bars with STI shifters as Glyn and Ann intend to use her mainly on off-road trails.
Peter McCallum's Early Ladyback
Note the non-crossover drive and centre pull brakes with drum brake at the front.
Pip & Pippas Tandem

Below is Pip and Pippa's tandem, stored in garage for over 20 years and now being called back into service. Somewhat rusty, but don't panic!

Here it is better than new...

Here's a rare one

Peugeot Twin Peaks. Never seen one of these before! For sale in South Africa. Completely different (and much later?) frame design.
Here is a ladyback version. Anyone seen one of these outside of Africa?
Jakes Sinclair's beautifully restored Peugeot Tandem
David and Hannah Gray's SWB flyer
Note the curved seat tube - Nice :-)
Interesting transmission arrangement

Seen on Flickr - Gilding the lilly or owned by a couple of hippies?
Peugeot have been make tandems for a long time. Isn't this 1950's one gorgeous?

Sporty French tandemists as shown in the Peugeot Catalogue. Love the hats!
1983 USA Catalogue. Lists the complete spec. Note by then the mudguards had disappeared (in the USA at least)
My latest Project. Off road 29'er Peugeot tandem. - All new parts except for the brake calipers.
A beautiful late model SWB

From Tony & Kath Rose

From Tony & Kath Rose

From Phil Deaves (via Mark Oliver) Rarer short wheelbase model with curved seat tube

Tom's $100 Tandem. From Tom McCauly Montreal Canada. Looks like the computer cost a lot more than the bike!
Craig's £40 Peugeot Tandem (UK)
"Barn Find" from Aimee Rudd (now rescued by Mike!)
Aimee's Tandem now restored with all new mechanical components more at
Paul's new ladyback. A super find in fantastic condition (now at home in Norwich)
Ralph's gorgeous Grand Tourisme. Can you believe he only paid £30 for this beauty?! Now being enjoyed in the lanes of Wiltshire
Alan Deniss's fully restored ladyback from Toronto