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Modernise Your Peugeot
The mudguards originally fitted were stainless steel and also served as mountings for the dynamo lights. For this reason they had thicker than normal stays and unique mounting points.
Front Mudguards
There is no mudguard bridge as such, but a pair of brazed on tabs on the fork crown securing the mudguards by 2 pairs of nuts and bolts. Ther headlamp mounting on the front is supported by a sturdy "U" shaped stay and a second stay is fitted to the bottom of the mudguard.
Rear Mudguards
The rear mudguard has only one stay. It is at the bottom rear of the mudguard. Instead of a top stay the top of the 'guard is secured to the carrier rack by a bracket. Instead of a mudguard bridge there is an alloy cast part that is secured to the mudguard by a spring clip and secured to the bridge on the frame by a nut and bolt. This part also serves as the mounting for the carrier rack.
What to Do
If your mudguards are bent or scratched or you just want to replace them with something lighter, you can replace them with standard chromoplastic guards which look just as good in my opinion amd are somewhat quieter. If the noise annoys you, then you cam coat the undersides with car underseal compound. The widest mudguards you can fit are 50mm (2 inch). Fit these if you are using 35mm tyres. If you are using 32mm or 28mm (lightweight crews with no bagage only!). You can go down to 40mm mudguards.
There are 2 ways to do this.
1. Buy new mudguards, remove all the fittings from them and fit them using the original Peugeot fittings. This will leave some unwanted holes in the new mudguards of course and you will have to drill new ones -easy enough and retains the original look and you can keep the dynamo lights.
2. Probably a little easier than option 1: Buy new mudguards, discard the dynamo lights and fit the mudguards using the stays etc that came with them. You will need to drill out the rivets that fix the mudguard bridge on your new mudguards and mark out and drill 2 holes to secure the mudguard to the front fork crown. You need to retain the cast alloy part that serves as the mounting for the pannier rack. If you are fitting a new pannier rack then, you can still use this part.
If you look at our blue tandem on the banner, you will see that I used a combination of 1 and 2, because the alloy mounting bracket on the rear broke, so I am using P clips to secure a Jim Blackburn rack.