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Trevor's Peugeot Tandem
Trevor has owned his Peugeot Tandem form new and although it has been weel cared for, it doesn't suit his needs in its current form and needs a "refresh", so after considering various new tandems (a familiar story), he finally decided to get his treasured Peugeot totally rebuilt. It will be rebuilt with all new components to the same spec. as Thoroughly Modern Peugeot and "Lily" (see below). It seems many tandem couples are shunning the roads in favour of the growing nework of dedicated cycle paths and mild off road routes, as well as quiet lanes and byways. This requires a different  componentry and layout. With sturdy Schwalbe Mondiale tyres, robust alloy Sputnik rims, new rear hub/brake and relable modern 24 speed transmission, with combined handlebar mounted brake levers and gear shifters, our "trail" spec. reimagined Peugeot tandem is exactly what customers are looking for. And while all our tandems are custom builds, this spec. seems to be becoming the norm. As of today (12/4/13) Trevor's tandem is at the paint shop and the parts for the rebuild are on order.
Glyn and Ann's Peugeot Tandem (Lily)
Gly and Ann's Peugeot Tandem arrived  via a somewhat circuitous route a couple of weeks ago. Glyn and Ann have owned it from new, since before they were old enough to drive! It has also completed John O' Groats to Lands End many years ago and apart from many rear axles for the troublesome Atom hub/brake, it is totally original and complete, except for a missing rear mudguard and luggage rack. It is in for a total rebuild, being worn out as well as (only a little) rusty. Glyn and Ann want to ride again, but more on trails than the road are so they are goiung for a modern interpetation, like Aimee's tandem featured in the gallery and restorations sections of this site.
The chainsets put up a bit of a struggle. The main double chainset had the thread for the extractor tool stripped, so is effectively scrap and will need to be replaced. This damage is no doubt due to someone attempting to use the wrong tool to removed the chainset. The Stronglight 49D requires a special tool that not many bike shops have. The front right hand crank was very tight and bore the scars of someone trying to shift it with a big hammer! However, the correct tool and a judicious use of heat, got it off without too much difficulty, although I must admit my heart was in my mouth with the amount of tourque I had to apply to the extractor tool to shift it.
A spec has now been agreed, the new parts are ordered  and the frame will be sent off to The Powder Pot soon.
1st October 2012
We have has "Lily" back for a week or so now and the frameset is assembled with new eccentric, new bottom brackets, new lower headset and the correct decals applied. The wheels are now built and the bike just needs assembly.
28th October 2012
 We have Lily assembled now apart from a couple of finishing touches and she will be collected by Glyn and Ann in a few weeks time. Here is a photo of her in her new paint with new wheels and tyres , mudguards, saddles, handlebars, pedals and  triple chainset fitted.
 Doesn't she look fabulous? We are planning to do more in the origianl Peugeot Blue now!
Gerty is a Peugeot Tandem that belongs to Craig from Cheshire and arrived in a rather large box! If you need to send a tandem to us, Paisley Transport are currently taking Peugeot Pandems anywhere on the UK mainland for £45. Sounds like a good deal!
No you can't see what is in the box yet, but suffice to say, she is an (ex) Pearl White Peugeot Tandem fitted with a random selection of components. Fortunately (most) of the original parts came with her. Gerty will look rather different to our previous projects, being both more modern and more retro. Parts are on order and the repaint booked. Watch this space for more news !
Sunday 2nd September
Gerty is now stripped and is with The Powder Pot for a blasting and coating in white. Craig has asked for some different transfers to the standard ones, which we have persuaded our supplier to make specially for him. (Thanks Jamie). One of the mounting studs for the cantilever brakes was missing and the only source for a new one was found in Singapore! We are still awaiting delivery for that, but fortunately my friend and avid restorer of vintage bikes Steve Shone from Hull has come to the rescue and sent me a couple down, that he had in stock.
All the new parts are now in stock or on order and we are busy cleaning and checking the original parts that are going to be refitted. Although Gerty will have the look of of a Peugeot tandem with the original wheels, mudguards, brakes, chainsets, luggage rack and dynamo lighting, Craig has come up with a modern colour scheme and and some luxury touches. you'll have to wait and see the finished bike.
Gerty has a Sachs rear hub/brake. I am not sure ithis was an original fitment or was retro fitted due to problems with the original Atom unit.
Pip and Pippa's Peugeot Tandem Restoration

Yes it's looking a bit sad now but, Pip and Pippa will ride again soon! Watch this space..
Tuesday 12th June 2012
The frame is now stripped and examined. Despite the rust, it looks sound and is now at the Powder Pot to be media blasted and refinished in a light blue colour. There was work to do first though. The rear dropouts needed to be respaced for the Sturmey Archer X-RDC hub brake/cassette assembly and as Pip wants to stick with downtube shifters, the shifter bosses have to be modifed to take modern indexed shifters.
Pip and Pippa want to keep the bike looking as orignal as possible with creating a modern usable tandem, so the existing mudguards, brakes, brake levers, stem  and chainsets are being retained. They want a triple chainset so we will fit a more modern Stronglight one that wont look out of place on a classic bike. The rusty chrome parts that can't be replaced have been sent off for rechroming and the rest of the parts are now on order. We are expecting to deliver the bike back to its owners by mid July
Wenesday 13th June 2012
On cleaning and inspection the 2 left hand chanrings are badly worn and have damaged teeth. This is normally due to chain wear. The chain "stretches" due to wear on the rollers and the pitch changes. This causes the hard steel chain to wear the soft alloy chainrings until they match the new pitch of the worn chain. The teeth become narrow and hooked and will slip or skip eventually. We dont normally see much wear on the left hand chain rings, but the link chain on this bike was very tight indeed, so I suspect that it had either been tightened in an attempt to stop the slipping (which it won't -  it will just accelerate the problem), or the wear had occurred because it was overtight. This chain doesnt need to be tight: half an inch of slack in the middle of the run is just right. You should change your chains every year whether they need it or not., then your transmission will last indefinitely.
Wear on the main (right hand) chainset will cause a whole  collection of problems: skipping. slipping and chain "suck" for a start. You have been warned: look after your chains by cleaning them regularly and changing them annually. On
 this bike, unusually, the main chainset wasn't as badly worn. The outer 52T chainring is "end of life" but the inner 42T ring is still servicablee. This bike has clearly been ridden mainly on the big ring.
This tandem has a Stronglight 99 chainset. Most of the others we have seen have the TA Cyclotouriste, which spare rings are still available, or Stronglight 49 which can be converteed to use the Cyclotouriste rings. The 86mm bcd chainrings for these chainsets are no longer made. so it might mean new chainsets all round, if we can't find some original new old stock left somewhere in the supply chain.
Friday 15th June 2012
Good news! We have located a source of new chainrings. We will be able to retain the original left hand chainsets and hopefully convert the RH one into a triple 52/42/32, provided that is we can track down the correct bolts and spacers for the conversion and we can find the correct length bottom bracket spindle for a triple. The cranks are French threaded of course and you need a special extractor to remove them. Most bikeshops don't have this tool. Also the pedals are French threaded so the cranks have to be re-tapped to standard English threads, before you can fit new pedals. French threaded pedals haven't been around for at least 20 years.If you are doing this job at home, best contact us and we'll find an extractor tool for you and then you can send the chainsets to us for reconditioning.
Here is the new triple chainset  we have built for them:
Nearly all the parts for the rebuild have now arrived. Just missing a few key components (spokes!) and of course the frame back from the powder coaters.
Monday 25th June 2012
The frame is back now and we have started to build up the bike. We are just waiting for the rechroming to come back from the platers. Pip and Pippa have chosen a few upgrades, such as modern rear carrier rack, new brake levers, new hubs, rims, tyres, derailleurs, shifters, saddles, pedals... Well pretty much new everything really. No more pics now until Pip and Pippa have taken delivery. I wouldn't want to spoil their surprise. Needless to say it is going to look awesome...
Sunday 22nd July
Well finally it is complete and delivered to its proud new owners. The re-chroming took longer than promised.
 We managed to save the original cahinsets and mudguards, so despite modernizarion it still looks like a a Peugeot Tandem
Including the original dynamo lights.
with a modern pannier rack.
 Original stem and of course a bell!!
Pip and Pippa are planning a tandem tour in Holland next week.