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How we can help with your Peugeot Tandem
I am pleased to offer a range of services for owners of Peugeot Tandems.
If you need parts - see the Velo Duo Tandem Store
From a wheel build to a full restoration. A qualified engineer, I have been working on bikes in general and Peugeot Tandems in particular for over 30 years. I have restored many bicycles ranging from vintage racers to roadsters and mountain bikes as well as tandems of course.
On reading this website you might decide that a particular job is too challenging for you or perhaps you just don't have time or facilities to undertake restoration yourself. Now I am semi retired, I have time skills facilties and enthusiasm to spare!
So if you are stuck and need someone to sort if for you. let me know.
I have also listed some replacement modern parts that we have tested and know that they will fit and work well with your tandem.




 Wheel Building
Building a wheel is my favourite job! It is an art as well as a science. Tandem wheels are particularly critical. They carry double the weight and handle double the torque of a solo wheel. Most tandem wheels are built with 40, 48 or even as many as 60 spokes! Peugeot Tandems were built with only 36 spokes in both wheels and many have lasted well over 30 years.
I will build new rims on to your existing hubs or advise on replacement hubs if yours are past their best. The service includes:
1. Checking the hubs and rims and servicing hubs if necessary.
2. Hand lacing the wheels with 14g "Sapim Strong" stainless steel spokes.
3. Tensioning and truing the wheels by hand.
4. Dishing the wheel to suit your individual frame measurements.
5. Stress relieving the wheels and equalising the spoke tensions on each side, with Park Tools TM-1 spoke tensiometer.
6. Fitting Jante Velox rim tape
6. Carefully packing and shipping your new wheel to you.
To rebuild your existing front or rear wheel using Rigida Sputnik rim and Sapim Strong 2.0/2.2mm stainless steel spokes.
£84.80 + postage and packing
"Restorations" covers a spectrum from getting a "shed find" back to roadworthy condition to a complete rebuild using all new components. To give an idea of the cost of a full restoration, a total ground up restoration costs around £1500 including:
  • Media blast and repaint
  • Reset rear dropouts to 145mm
  • New decals
  • New headset
  • New Velo Orange bottom brackets
  • New crossover triple chainsets
  • New pedals, toeclips and toestraps
  • New hubs, hub brake, rims and spokes
  • New brake blocks
  • New tubes and tyres
  • New handlebars, stem and handgrips
  • New brake levers & 24 sp gear shifters
  • New front and rear derailleurs
  • New chains
  • New 8 speed cassette
  • New gear and brake cables
  • Replace all fasteners with stainless

Obviously more can be spent if more expensive components had been selected. A negelcted bike can often  be put back on the road in its original spec. for as little as £500.

If you want your tandem back in top condition, contact me now. There is only one of me so I can only take on a couple of projects at any one time.

Customer testimonials
"The BSA wheel is almost too good, and I can feel every imperfection in the road. That said, I know exactly what the bike's doing. Quite an eye-opener for me. I'd rate your wheels over most that I've ever used." G W Norwich

(after a ride from Bournemouth to Cumbria and back) "the wheel went really well and doesn't seem to have lost any of its accuracy, so thank you for that!"
Mike G Bournemouth

Standard Wheels
Occasionally I have original Rigida Chrolux steel rims in stock, used but with excellent chrome. These can be supplied as pre-built wheels or supplied on an exchange basis. If you want new rims, I recommend Rigida Sputniks. These look quite traditional and they are very strong and stable. They weigh about the same as the original steel rims but being box section and eyeletted they are stronger. I will only use Sapim Strong spokes for tandem wheels. For rear wheels, I am using the Shimano Tandem Hub (with thread for a screw on hub brake) or the Sturmey Archer XRD-C drum braked hub. These can be fitted with 7, 8 or 9 speed cassettes.
Front Wheels
Shimano XT hub, Rigida Sputnik Rim (36H), Sapim Strong spokes, Velox Jante rim tape.
£117.30 + postage and packing
Edco tandem hub, Rigida Sputnik Rim (40H), Sapim Strong spokes, Velox Jante rim tape.
£129.50 + postage and packing
Shimano Tandem hub, Rigida Sputnik Rim 40H), Sapim Strong spokes, Velox Jante rim tape.
£150.66 + postage and packing
Rear Wheels
Shimano Tandem hub, Rigida Sputnik Rim (40H), Sapim Strong spokes, Velox Jante rim tape.
£244.50 + postage and packing
Sturmey Archer XRD-C cassette hub with integral hub brake, Rigida Sputnik Rim (36H), Sapim Strong spokes, Velox Jante rim tape.
£174.30 + postage and packing
Re-tap your Stronglight or TA Chainsets from French pedal threads to 9/16" "English" threads so you can fit new pedals. For all 4 cranks
£35.00 + postage and packing
Supply new Power Pro 28/38/48 110/74 PCD Alloy triple chainset with Steel Rings, plus  Alloy 38T crossover drive with  and Velo Orange French Threaded bottom bracket for rear BB. (new pedals will be needed)
£125.00 + postage and packing
Extra for alloy large and middle Rings£35.00
Rear Hubs
Service your Atom rear hub/brake. Straighten bent axle, adjust bearings and replace balls and cones as necessary. Service and adjust drum brake.
£50.00 + parts + postage and packing
 Used hubs are often available - please see "For Sale/Wanted" page.
Supply Sturmey Archer X-RDC cassette rear hub/brake. Suitable for 8 or 9 speed cassettes. (may require respacing of rear dropouts)
£90.00 + postage and packing
Supply Sturmey Archer X-RD rear hub/brake. Suitable for screw-on freewheels. (may require respacing of rear dropouts)
£70.00  + postage and packing