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Modernise Your Peugeot
With cycling enjoying a boom again, many people are pulling their 1960s -90s vintage bikes out of a long hibernation in the shed or garage and wheeling them down to their local bike shop. More often than not the shop won't take on the restoration due to cost and concerns or ignorance about vintage bikes. The The owners are then sold a new lightweight aluminium and carbon dream bike, which they dont find to be as usable or comfortable as old faithful. The old bike ends up on ebay or even worse being recycled. The really lucky ones find us and have their bikes restored to better than new condition. Here is a small sample of the wonders we can perform.
Trevor's Tandem 1980

It's second rebuild. The first was early on in its life after a frame failure, possibly due to a trailer attachment being welded onto it. Another one in "trail" format. This seems to be the most popular spec. for rebuilds with our customers. 24 speed with straight bars, using Shimano's flat bar system. Very sturdy Schwalbe Marathon Mondiale expedition tyres for mild off road use. Stronglight impact crossover drive, with Sturmey Archer rear hub brake and Rigida Sputnik rims. All pretty much the equivalent modern parts to the original. These bikes ride like a dream.

Lily - Peugeot Tandem 1977
Finally we have found a paint that is a close match to the original Peugeot aquamarine. Glyn and Ann wanted the tandem they have owned for over 30 years to look the same after the restoration. With all new mechanicals, new chromoplastic mudguards and new anatomic saddles, the only real departure from the "look" of the original is the flat bars at the front with rapidfire shifters (3 x 8 speed), as Glyn and Ann tend to use the bike more off the road on trailways than on on tarmac. Lily is equipped with Schwalbe Mondial trekking tyres for comfortable ride and sure handling. The origininal dynamo lights and rear carrier are a nod to the original styling. This tandem did JoGLE back in 1980, but can expect an easier life going forward :-)
Sun Snipe 1962
A bit of a nostalgic trip this one. Mike's first adult bike was a Sun Snipe in a tangerine colour. We were offered this frame for a song and decided to rebuild it in time for its 50th anniversary. Faithful to the original concept but with some modern upgrades for usability, it features original Brooks leather saddle, Weinmann centre pull brakes with "red dot" levers and Milremo stem. It has been tastefully upgraded with a period Stronglight 49D cotterless single chainset and period pedals and alloy rims. A modern Shimano 6 speed rear deraileur is fitted. It rides as beautifully as as Mike remembers and is now in service as Mike's winter bike for club runs.
Gerty - Peugeot Tandem 1979
Designed by her owner Craig from Cheshire. We got the decals custom made and the frame and forks were powder coated brilliant white. Updated derailleurs and lowered gearing but apart from that the spec is pretty much as original apart from the Brooks saddles and leather bar tape of course.
For Sale - Falcon Single Speed (1970/80s)
This bike started life as 10 speed racer back in the 1970s or early 80s. Designed by Ernie Clements Built in England by Falcon cycles, it features a rather nice frame with Tange tubing, fancy cut lugs and forged dropouts and chrome ends to the forks. Acquired form a retired gentleman who has given up cycling, we rebuilt it as a single speed. Powder coated Royal Blue with gold lug lining and a contrasting white panel on the seat tube, the bike is finished with a real leather saddle and hand grips. Running gear is Weinmann polished alloy rims hand bult onto alloy large flange alloy hubs with stainless steel spokes. Stopping power is great with Weinmann alloy caliper brakes. Rides like a dream with a perfect chain line.She weighs in at only 10Kg. This bike is for sale more pictures here
Peugeot Tandem (1981)
This was a very rusty example of a Peugeot tandem, that had been stored in a garage for more than 20 years. I think you will agree it looks gorgeous now.
  • New wheels
  • New chain rings - converted to a triple chainset.
  • New brake levers
  • New handlebars
  • New saddles and alloy seat posts
  • new pedals
  • New pannier rack
  • New gears - Shimano 8 speed indexed
We are very pleased with this one as although thoroughly modernised it still looks like a Peugeot tandem
Viking Severn Valley (late 1950's)
This came to us a frame with no components and very little paint. It was an abandoned restoration. the owner had some useful work done like installing bottle cage mounts and a hanger for centrepull brakes.. We had it refinshed in black and white and managed to get hold of original (old stock) transfers, then we set about tracking down some period parts. The brief was "all Campagnolo". Finding new old stock or lighty used or reconditioned parts proved tricky and expensive. But here it is:
Campagnolo Record large Flange hubs
Campagonol GS chainset
Campagnolo Nuovo Record derailleurs front and rear
Campagnolo Record bar end shifters
Mafac Racer brakes
Replica Campagnolo pedals from MKS
Campagnolo seat post bolt
Campagnolo Record headset
Campagnolo pump clip and press fit adaptor
Tyres are Grandbois and rims are Rigida Chrina
Brooks B17 saddle
This is a fabulous bike to ride. We weighed it and it weighed less than a modern triple butted steel bike with carbon forks and fancy 24 spoke Aksium wheels!
Raleigh Lenton 1951
A nostalgic photo of a fabulous bike. The Raleigh Lenton was THE clubman's bike of the 50's. This one came to us in original condition apart from the mudguards which appeared to have been taken off a postman's bike! However, all the parts were "end of life". The brief was to maintain the spirit of the original Lenton but to modernise so it could be used as an everyday bike. Originally green, the bike was resprayed in a specially mixed metallic petrol blue. We found the correct transfers and did the gold box lining and lug lining ourselves. The original Sturmey Archer 4 speed hub shell was retained but with fully reconditioned internals. The rest is all new.
Campagnolo cotterless chainset with Specialities TA track chainring
MKS Sylvan pedals with Christophe toe clips and leather straps
Rigida Sputnik alloy rims with Schwalbe Marathon tyres
Nitto Technomic deluxe stem with Soma Major Taylor bars
Weinmann centre pull brakes
Brooks B17 mudguards with Carradice saddlebag
Large flange front hub
SKS mudguards
We believe this is how a modern version of this classic bike would have been specified. It is a lovely smooth comfortable ride: light and lively with its Reynolds 531 frame and all alloy components. You know you want one!!
Raleigh Sportster 1950
We were given this bike as a completely knackered 1950 Raleigh Roadster that was waiting to be thrown in a skip. We were keen to rebuild itas a drum braked roadster and started to do that. Then we were contacted by someone who had seen the Pashley Guv'nor and asked if we could build something like that. Well we did exactly what a would be racer of the 30s would have done. Removed the mudguards, flipped the handlebars and changed the tyres. We would have preffered a Brooks saddle and leather bar tape, but the customer is always right :-) Its a custom paint job again in 2K polyurethane and period Raleigh transfers.
Sturmey Archer 3 speed
Sturmey Archer drum brakes
Sturmey Archer cotterless chainset
Reverse brake levers
North Road bars
Black alloy rims and Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres.
The owner says "I love this bike". You will too if you ask us to build you one.
Moulton Mk1 1964
What if you had to re imagine the classic '60's Moulton Mk 1? This is what we did with a totally original 1964 Moulton. This one had all the goodies GB Hiduminium bars, stem and brake and even the much sought after Addie ping bell with the MM logo. Refinished in black and white with "snooker cue" paint scheme and with some subtle modernisations - the most obvious being the alloy cotterless chainset, but there are also  Sun CR18 rims with Schwalbe Kojak tyres, alloy seatpost and a 5 speed alloy shelled 5 speed Sturmey Archer hub gear. The biggest and most expensive job was a complete rebuild of front and rear suspension which is a unique characteristic of these bikes. She was nicknamed "Twiggy" when she was in the workshop.
Mike took this bike on a tour of North Norfolk, before it went to its new owner in Liverpool, who was planning to time trial it !
Holly - A 1964 Moulton Mark 1
Well they weren't exactly death threats, but we had a few adverse comments from Moulton purists about what we did with Twiggy, so to make amends we recycled her spare parts onto Holly (so named because she was Holly green). Holly was a spares bike we had in the workshop at the time. Original, but with a few bits missing. Holly is as original as we could make her and better than new. When  she was finished she captured the heart of Graham in Norwich, who quickly made an offer we couldn't refuse. There was still time for a quick ride to the park to make sure she was in fine fetlle though :-) She did get an orginal white plastic chainguard after a fan saw the photos and insisted on sending us one as a gift!
Lightweight Single Speed 1990's
We are not normally followers of fashion, but when our son said he wanted a "fixie" the gauntlet was thrown down. We found a 1990's ultra lightweight racing frame and built this. The aero frame has internal cable routing so makes for a very clean build.
Miche flip flop hubs
Mavic OpenSport rims with trendy red tyres
Truativ single chainset
Shimano brakes
WTB saddle
North road bars (now swapped for a straight bar - such is fashion)
Thats about it. he says its his favourite bike. He has a few as you might imagine :-)
Raleigh Mercury 1970
Raleigh used the Mercury name a couple of times. This one was from first era. The 2nd time was in the 80's when they were resplendant in flourescent oranges and pinks! This one was a very sober brown originally. We got this one from a trader at a bike jumble. It was a complete bike but he considered it too dangerous to use and proceeded to try and sell us the bike in kit form! We didnt fall for it and only purchased the frameset. Originally on 27x 1 1/4" rims this is now on 700C.
Shimano 105 crankset
Shimano Sora derailleurs woth indexed D/T shifters
Wolber TX Profil rims with Schwalbe Marathon tyres
Mavic small flange hubs
Weinmann centre pull brakes with Shimano 105 levers
SKS Chromoplastic mudguards
WTB saddle
This made a fabulous vintage bike for day trips and light touring. It is of course called Freddie.